TAPA stands for Transported Asset Protection Association, or secure transportation and has several certifications. These certifications indicate that goods in the supply chain are preventively protected. With this type of transportation, time to market is of utmost importance for these goods. It is also important to be able to count on a reliable partner such as ETB Solutions. With about 50 of our own vehicles, we offer our relations a secured TAPA transport and supply chain solution that delivers products safely to the client.

TSR levels

TAPA provides guidelines in the field of transport security. TAPA TSR is the official standard for safe road transport of high-value goods. This certification has 3 levels.

  • TSR 1: Increased security
  • TSR 2: Moderate security
  • TSR 3: Basic security

At ETB Solutions, we can offer you each of these certifications.


The production, storage and transportation of high-value and pharmaceutical products must meet increasingly stringent requirements. In addition, the incidence of theft and loss of goods throughout the supply chain is increasing. To demonstrate that all requirements are met and to minimize the risk of theft or loss, there is an increasing need for the various links in the chain to ensure the safety and security of goods.

More advantages

In addition to the growing number of shippers requesting services according to TAPA standards, there are other benefits to your organization from using TAPA certification:

  • You are a professional and reliable link in the supply chain
  • You ensure demonstrable quality
  • You demonstrate that you are aware of security risks and that you are taking measures to manage these risks

Are you interested in our TAPA TSR-1 capabilities for your transports, or would you like more information? Contact us now.

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