True connection with relationships is also essential in the logistics industry. This includes customers, suppliers as well as employees. By connecting well with each other, it is possible to identify the actual needs and meet them. It is not just about what we have to offer, but rather what more we can do to meet the demand of our relations. We focus on the core question to create a perfect solution. This is how we profile our “more” factor. Our statement is “By taking good care of our relations, we are also treated well by our relations.” This way of working together provides the right energy which means that no challenge is too crazy. We are convinced that our commitment, but certainly our enthusiasm benefits every cooperation.

Mission & vision

ETB Solutions B.V. consists of committed and enthusiastic employees with years of experience in the logistics industry. A client-oriented approach and a sincere connection with our clients ensure that together we create the highest attainable level of service. We think and act in terms of solutions, making us the logistics service provider that everyone feels at home with.

We believe that we can make an important contribution to the living environment for the next generation. We do this by connecting the market and the transport world. We can optimally align volumes and combine volumes by connecting and acting on behalf of shippers, rather than offering individual business propositions. As a result, we contribute to CO2 reduction and empty mileage reduction.

New website


Our new website is live! To show our professionalism to a broader audience, we're now both as visible online as we are on the road.



The new branch of ETB Solutions opens its doors in Turkey.



ETB Solutions rapidly grows into a company with 5 committed and inspired employees.



On November 1, 2020, ETB Solutions was founded by Viktor Markaj. With years of experience in logistics, it was his dream to make a difference.

Internationaal transport

Our dedicated team makes relations feel at home by connecting and unburdening them

We have variety of qualities within our team. We are strongly connected and complement each other to achieve the optimal result. In doing so, we not only put our energy to good use, but also that of our customers. Within our team, everyone is a dedicated enthusiastic entrepreneur. Using a personal approach, we work together towards a higher goal. Professionalism whilst being accessible makes our team flexible, proactive and reliable. Each value reinforces the other. As a result, we aim to make our clients feel at home.